Precious Portraits: Infants, Babies, Expectant Mothers

I’ve been really enjoying photography. Whether I’m doing a newborn photo shoot, maternity photo shoot, toddler photo shoot, or an entire family, it’s been a blast. And I’m learning so much.

Newborn PhotographyAlthough Carson was a bit cranky for his newborn photo shoot a couple of weeks ago, he did settle down and allow me to get this amazing shot. With newborns you have to be both patient and quick. Sometimes they need to eat, have their diaper changed, be burped, and be held. But I loved every minute of it because of the magical shots I was able to get once baby was happy and comforted. Carson and his amazing mommy, Ashley have taught me so much.

Toddler Portraits

I absolutely love taking toddler portraits too. This is Emma, what a precious gem, and such beautiful blue eyes. Her mommy, Crystal is amazing too. I’ve enjoyed the time I spent with them on our recent family photo shoot.

Baby PortraitsToddler Portraits

Emma’s smiling is amazing. Sometimes I’m laughing and smiling so much I forget that I’m actually working. I love being a photographer. Emma’s mommy, Crystal is expecting her third child, and I had the pleasure of taking her maternity portraits. I had such a blast.

Maternity PortraitsFamily PhotographyFamily PhotographyDSC_6360-webDSC_6147-web

Next time I’ll share my recent doggie photo shoot, with my 4 lb Teacup Yorkie, Lover. He was so good and sat and stayed in costume up on a table using many large props, which typically he is afraid of. I gave him lots of treats and free run time in between outfit changes. It was so much fun and amazing. I have to give you a little sample to wet your appetite.

Dog PortraitsProfessional Dog PortraitsPuppy Photography

Lisa Freeman is a professional photographer, author, speaker, and AKC Dog Trainer from Owosso, Michigan. Capturing amazing shots of both people and pets, Lisa brings her love of photography to life in each portrait. She offers both indoor and outdoor photography for infants, toddlers, children, families, expectant mothers, engagements, weddings, senior pictures, birthday parties and cake smashings, and so much more! Check out her website @ Positive Engagements.


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