Service Dog Gets New Boots

This is Molly

Service Dog Molly

This is Molly and her owner Vick.

Service Dog Molly 4

When Vick called saying he had to carry Molly home the other day due to cold and salt, my heart broke for them. He had no winter boots for Molly to protect her feet, and they had no transportation so they had to walk everywhere they went. After doing some research I found and with money that people had donated into our non-profit organization Abuse Bites and I was able to order the boots Molly so desperately needed.

Please take just a minute and see Molly walking in her new boots! It’s sure to put a smile on your face. Merry Christmas!

Click Here to see: Service Dog Molly In Her New Boots

Check out more pictures on our new facebook page @ Lisa Free Photography and Abuse Bites

Lisa Freeman

Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Dog Trainer, and Photographer


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