8 Secrets of a Good Shepherd

This is Sadie, a purebred German Shepherd pup who received the AKC Star Puppy in our fall dog training classes.

This is Sadie, a purebred German Shepherd pup who received the AKC Star Puppy in our fall dog training classes.

8 Secrets of a Good Shepherd—How to be Top Dog!

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me,” John 10:27

1. He leads by example—Top Dog

A Good Shepherd is a leader not a follower


2. He doesn’t force his pack to follow him

A Good Shepherd offers rewards when the pack willingly goes his way


3. He trains his pack up in the way they should go

A Good Shepherd disciplines in love not anger


4. He protects his pack

A Good Shepherd protects his pack from enemies


5. His pack hears his voice/ His pack knows his voice

Our pack needs to hear our voice above all the other things, listen, and obey

A Good Shepherd’s Pack will listen and obey 


6. He forgives his pack

A Good Shepherd forgives when the pack bolts out of bounds


7. He will seek out that one who is lost and running astray

A Good Shepherd will never give up on his pack


8. He lays down his life willingly if his pack is in danger

A Good Shepherd becomes one with his pack and will defend them to the grave if necessary


*Lisa Freeman is an award-winning author, motivational speaker, and AKC Dog Trainer/Evaluator, and Certified Pet Therapist from Owosso, Michigan. She specializes in abuse, bullying and violence–rescue and recovery. A lifelong abuse survivor, her healing began through a runaway, abused dog she rescued–now they rescue others. She offers school assemblies for all grade levels as well as puppy and dog training. Please log onto her website to see her photo of the week, weekly blog, and how you can help rescue needy and abused people and pets! http://www.DogsPawsForHealing.com


Rescue Dog Rescues Others

This was my first anti-bullying workshop without Snickers–a runaway rescue dog–by my side. It was a very emotional event to say the least. I had panic attacks and that dog is the one that enabled me to start speaking and sharing my story and our program in these workshops. Now in his memory we will continue to rescue both people and pets.

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Lisa Freeman, Speaker, Trainer, Author