Paws for Leadership and Business: Sell Yourself and Your Products Online

Today I’m on my way to a leadership conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. All four of our dogs will be staying home. My hubby, John, will be by my side this weekend taking on the role as service dog. Poor guy!

Last night I attended this great Google Training session and met this amazing guy who does SEO for a living. I learned some great tips about website optimizing, adwords, keywords, and so much more. This gentlemen and I may be collaborating in the future. I love web design and can build a decent site in just about a week. He loves to do the web optimization. Using our talents together we can give clients what every business needs today: a great looking website with interesting content and the search engine optimization that will draw their intended audience and prospective buyers to them. I’m excited about the potential partnership.

One way to help get your business noticed is to add it to Google. The best part is it’s absolutely free and they have some amazing free tools available to assist you. You will need to first get a G-Mail Account and then you add a Google + Page.

Also been very busy with dog training here in our little old town of Owosso, Michigan. I’ve been getting new clients each week. Thumtack has been a great tool to launch my dog training business and speaking career. You should check it out. It’s absolutely free to sign up and get started. Here’s the link

I’ve recently launched my brand new website through Doodlekit They offer some great FREE site options such as hosting, awesome template designs, blog, social media tools, photogallery, and so much more! The best part is that anyone can build a professional looking website with their easy web building tools. I built my site in just five days @ I love their tech support too. If you run into an issue as your building your site you can chat with a representative online 24/7. They have several website plans available too, from the simple and business plan to the more advanced plan option so you can have unlimited space, unlimited users, a forum, all your SEO tools for great site optimization, and so much more.  Doodlekit is a great way to set up a business online!

I’m learning so much and loving it. And as I learn, I will be passing that wisdom and knowledge onto you. So, sign up to follow my blog for new tips on how you can get your paws going in the right direction to save cash and make money.

Paws for Insight: “Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding;” Proverbs 3:13 (NIV) – See more at:


Paws for Exercise: Break Aggressive Behaviors

My dogs are in the house a good deal of the time. Like me, I’m sure they feel cooped up sometimes. Especially lately since I’ve been really busy with the walk-a-thon, the numerous dog training sessions, group pet therapy visits, and the book proposal I’m working on. Still, I know they need exercise as much as I do!Image

(Pictured above waving: Angela Shivley, founder and owner of Angel Rehabilitation Kennel, pictured above at the kick off for our Paws for Healing Walk-a-thon for Abuse and Cancer)

Angela knows exercise can do so much for her paws, as well as her dogs paws. Angela trains up service dogs for vets. Exercising them is part of the ongoing vigorous training. Recently one of her dogs went through my advance obedience and pet therapy classes and passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test on the final day. Her dog did phenomenal!

As a dog trainer, people come to me quite often with hyper dogs, aggressive dogs, and dogs that just won’t mind. If left untrained, these dogs will be a danger to themselves and society. That’s why I have such a love and passion for what I do with these dogs and their people.

Exercising dogs is one of the key elements in behavior modification.

An exercised dog is typically a happier, healthier, and more lovable dog.

This doesn’t mean because you let them out in a fenced area that they are going to get enough exercise. Barking at the neighbor’s cat or growling at a squirrel isn’t the type of exercise a dog should have. That’s where most of the aggressive behaviors actually breed, when a dog is isolated, enclosed or held back. Dog’s need to get out, exercise, and socialize, just like we do! Or they can develop anti-social behaviors which can be critical or even fatal.

So Paws Today for Some Exercise:

-Take your dog for a walk down a nice shaded, wooded trail/ Get fit yourself!

-Throw a ball or toy and play fetch / Great arm work out for you!

-Engage your dog in a game of tug o war / Major arm work out and whole body work out if you play with our new rescue, Precious!

-Unleash your dog at a safe local bark park where they can play with friends / Awesome social workout–meet some new doggy people! 

-Go to a lake or pond and take your dog for a swim / Amazing whole body workout and a bath too!

The more your dog gets out of the house for some fun-filled exercise the better they will become! It’s the same with me–if I get out for a nice walk or am able to workout for a while, I feel better, more relaxed and at peace.

Paws for Play Time

We can learn so much from our children and our dogs. They often have a more balanced life than we do as adults. We are all about our work and getting things done.

Lisa Freeman is an AKC Evaluator, Dog Trainer, and Certified Pet Therapist from Owosso, Michigan

Cammy is a hyper fun loving pup that attended our spring AKC Star Puppy Class.

Kids and dogs take time to stop, look, and listen. They enjoy their lives. I’ve loved to watch my kids being silly and having fun. And I love to watch my dogs playing tug o war, fetching a ball, or running with other dogs. They’re so happy and carefree. My new rescue dog likes to play chase. That’s her favorite game.

Gaming is a huge industry today, on our TV’s, computers, and even our phones. People have a great need to play. Yet many of us struggle to find that balance to satisfy that need.

Kids and dogs actually learn through interactive play sessions. As adults we tend to think more seriously and steer away from that way of learning. However, I think we can still have a great time while educating others, whether we’re adults, teens, or kids. That’s why in our dog training classes as well as our anti-bullying workshops in schools and for community events we use hilarious games and interactive activities to empower others.

If people have a good time, they’ll remember that for a lifetime as well as the principals that have been taught.

Make life fun, educational, and real.

Stop working so hard, take a break, and get the play time you need. It’s okay to have fun. Enjoy your life; if you don’t, who will?

And if you want to have a good time at your next event, why not give us a call, we’d love to be a part of it! We love to connect, educate, entertain, and empower you and others to come up a little higher and be happier and more successful!

Lisa Freeman  @

Paws for Training: Get Your Dog to Come Every Time

We all want our dogs to come running to us when we call them. But sadly, this isn’t the case. As a dog trainer I get more calls and emails about issues with pups and full grown older dogs that bolt and will not come when their owners call.

Ike a Shitzu Pup "Coming" to his owner

Ike a Shitzu Pup “Coming” to his owner

Ike was a rescue who learned “come” as well as “sit” in his first training session.

“COME” is probably one of the most important commands, because if you’re dog won’t come to you on command, it can run into the path of danger. I know this personally. One of my rescue dogs, Baby, got hit by a car because she ran away from me instead of to me. Thankfully she wasn’t injured seriously. She taught me a valuable lesson as a dog owner that day for sure.

I’ve learned so much from my dogs.

I’ve learned to:

  • Reward my dogs every time they come to me when I call them.
  • Give them something good: treats or affection every time they come when called.
  • Initiate a play or fun session with them so they look forward to coming when I call them.
  • Take them on a walk or for a ride in the car!
  • NEVER to scold, discipline, or do something negative that they wouldn’t like such as (bed/crate, bath, etc) when I call them to come.

We want to be rewarded when we come too. At work we get rewarded with a paycheck. We want to please our boss so they will appreciate us and give us a promotion.

All a dog wants is you, your love, your affection, some play time, exercise time, and a few treats along the way. If you love your dog, then follow these few principles, and they’ll come running to you every time!

“Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 NIV

Snickers Paws Healed Our Entire Family

Snickers was a runaway, abused dog. He’s been with us 13 years now. He was smiling while on a walk down by the river. I had to stop and take this shot. Then I entered it in a contest and he won “most photogenic”! Snickers was a winner from the time he walked into our lives!

Paws for Help

When my dogs need help, they come running to me. And my kids, when they were little, they used to do the same thing. But, as we grow, we humans tend to think we can do it all on our own. Too many times, we wait until we fall flat on our faces to get the help we need.

We like to be strong, independent individuals, so we can say “I did it–aren’t you proud of me?”.

Although we each have awesome talents; we also have areas of huge weaknesses. I’ll be the first to admit one of mine. I’m obsessive compulsive. I take on too many tasks, overwhelm myself (and probably my family at times), and then I’m met facing these unrealistic expectations.

You guessed it–I’m a yes person. Type A personality. Rarely ever say no. That’s not always a good thing, believe me!

Bottom line. I need help. I can’t do this alone. 

I’m writing a proposal for my newest book and I need help choosing a few creative titles. I have to submit three chapters. So I’m hoping you will help me. Here goes:

Chapter One is about Snickers, the abused, runaway dog that runs under my van. I don’t want a dog. I try everything to get rid of him, but he keeps coming back. Finally, I tell my four children, all with varying disabilities, he can stay. Then, the very next day, his real owner calls to claim him. Now I have to tell my four kids we can’t keep him.

Chapter Two is about Snicker’s owner coming over, he cowers with my children, and she hands us his shot record and tells us we can keep him. She shows us this nasty scar going up her arm where she claims he bit her. He had not so much as growled at any of my hyperactive ADHD children since he’d been with us. Not only that, we discover Snickers ability to heal when our one of our son’s goes through a heart surgery that leaves him struggling for his next breath.

Chapter Three is about how our son is in the hospital, very critical and after having three separate surgeries, doctors tell us he may not make it. But after watching a home video with Snickers, our son starts getting better. On the flip side, bills are piling up, my husband’s factory just closed it’s doors, and the van repair $1,000.  We commit everything to prayer and God, head for home, and find Snickers waiting by the door for us, but we also discover that miraculously our bills have all been paid and we have money to spare!

I love to help, but I’m also willing to humble myself and tell you that I love it when I have help! God wants us to help others, but he also said that we are the body, and we need one another. So, I hope you are just as blessed as I am whether you are helping others or seeking help for yourselves. Have a great day! And be sure to post your titles 🙂 I can’t wait to read them!

Paws for Fathers and the Fatherless

Growing up, I was Daddy’s Little Girl. My nickname: Stinky. It never bothered me because I knew how much he loved me.

He loved me so much that he GAVE! He was a good Father that worked his tail off for his family. We always had food, good food that we liked to eat, clothes, nice clothes that were in style, and even some of the extras like a cottage up north and weekly horseback riding and roller skating lessons.

Even when I rebelled as a teen and ran away from home at 13, my Daddy still loved me and GAVE!

It’s the same way with God. We rebel often times and run away from his direction and his plan for our lives, yet he still GIVES!

He gave us the biggest gift a Father ever could–the priceless gift of his own child. A child without spot or blemish. A child who had to lose his life so we could have ours.

I’ve lost a son. I’ve lost a Father. Did I willingly give them up for others so they could be free? NEVER!  Would my Daddy have ever parted with one of his kids? NEVER! Not even us rebellious ones. Why? Because a Father’s love for a child is so great that nothing can compare.

Yet our Father God Gave It ALL! He GAVE his only begotten son, to die upon a sinner’s cross, so that ANYONE who called upon the name of Jesus would be saved.

And through his precious son, Jesus, he continues to give us: healing, direction, forgiveness, salvation, love, mercy, self-control, miracles, finances, food, clothes, jobs, homes, family, friends, and the power to live our lives abundantly. Wow! I’m in awe!

My naturally born Father Gave me everything he had too. Thankfully I turned my life around, repented and lived a life he could be proud of. Now I minister to troubled youth, teen, and adults and share my story abroad. But I’ve also been blessed to build a brand new house next door to my Father. As he aged and became ill, I began training up therapy animals that in turn brought him much love, comfort, healing, and joy in his last few years.

However, I know that none of this would have ever been possible, if I hadn’t given my life to Jesus and paused to seek God the Father’s will for my life.

Today, maybe you are missing your father. I’ve got good news; God is even a Father to the Fatherless! He is a loving, giving Father that will never leave you nor forsake you. My heart goes out to all those who have lost their fathers, but even more to those who are lost and still in need of the Greatest Father of All–God!

Paws for Obedience: Practice Makes Perfect

It seems people are always coming to me with behavioral problems with their dogs. Their dog won’t come, sit, down, it bolts out the door, or it’s become terribly aggressive. Over the past few years I’ve worked with owners and dogs of various breeds and sizes. They are all different, yet the modification needed in most cases is typically the same.

These dogs and handlers need obedience training and firm discipline to achieve their goals.

We, as humans, need this as well to stay rooted and grounded in the Lord and have a successful, prosperous life.

Some dogs and their owners will practice all the methods I teach and will have wonderful results. Others will not even apply the methods and never get any better.

It’s the same with us.

Obedience takes practice. Discipline even more. They say practice makes perfect; and although I haven’t arrived yet at perfection, I’m practicing the methods God teaches in His Word knowing one day I will stand before the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s and I would love to hear him say: “A job well done, my good and faithful servant!”

Are you struggling with obedience and discipline issues?  God’s there to help you right where you are. He knows what you need. Reach out to him, tell him your struggles and problems. He’ll set you free.

If you’re in need of prayer, a dog trainer, speaker, or writer, I’m here for you. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great and prosperous future!

Paws… You Can Do It

Self doubt had worked it’s way into my brain, head and heart. I was away from all the security and comfort I had ever known. No therapy dogs. No service dog. Just me. I had prayed that if this was not God’s will for me, that I would know right away. My gut turned.

Why did I even come to this conference? It’s probably a big waste of time and money anyways. They probably won’t even like what I have to offer, like countless other times before.

As I put my make-up on, thinking about what a big mistake I’d made, I heard my sister Sue say, “Don’t be afraid.”  Strange that I was the one shaking in my shoes, worried about talking to editors and publishers, when just six months earlier she wasn’t even afraid of cancer or knowing she was about to die.

Then I saw my son, Brian, like he was standing right there. He gave me the thumbs up like he always did and said, “You can do it, Mom!”

Eyes welling up, I then wondered what my dad would say. Before I even got the thought out of my head, it was as if I heard, “Honey, I’m so proud of you.”

Tears ran down my cheeks washing away freshly applied make-up. I looked a mess, but the three people that I loved dearly, now in heaven, were cheering me on!

Even more inspirational was what happened next.

First of all, after I reapplied my make-up and showed up at the conference, everyone who heard about the book I was writing said it was amazing. Secondly, I sent the first chapter of the book in ahead of time to have it reviewed and edited. When I got the manuscript back there was barely a mark on it and the editor noted that it was ready to be published and wanted to meet with me. Thirdly, I met with another editor who said if I had my book proposal ready that he would pitch it to his publishing board next week. And lastly, when I opened a cough drop one day, there were those same words of encouragement inscribed on the wrapper, “You can do it.”

What I learned at the conference was overwhelming for me at first. All week long I was in this advanced business management class that I felt inferior to. The instructor is a top selling author and helps other authors market their books and speaking careers. I didn’t feel at times as if I could ever do what needed to be done to become a professional writer or speaker.

But again and again, those words of inspiration kept coming to me. “You can do it.” A lady at the conference in my class even signed her last book and gave it to me, dedicating it to Brian for me as a belated Mother’s Day Gift and wrote, “Thumbs up! Mom, you can do it!” Love Brian.

Obviously God wanted me to do it and knew I could do it and should it all along. It was me doubting. After all, it’s his book. He wrote it into my life thirteen years ago when he brought that abused, runaway, rescue dog into my life to heal me, my entire family and so many others. Yes, God, you’re right, with you I can do it! You can do it too! Just believe…


PAWS to PRAY and Receive the PAY!

One of the biggest problems I’ve encountered throughout my life is that I want to be a yes person, so I jump right in and do things. This can cause friction in marriages, our other relationships, as well as our relationship with God, as I’ve learned the hard way.

We can truly do a lot of GOOD THINGS, but if we are not certain they are in God’s will for us, we can mess up and get our paws off track, and not be where God wants us to be.

I’ve also learned the most important thing in life is being in the center of God’s will. That’s where we are truly blessed and can prosper. Are you in the center of God’s will?

I would have never guessed I’d be an AKC Evaluator, Dog Trainer, Certified Pet Therapist and Service Dog Trainer or speaking in front of hundreds of people about healing from abuse. But it is so rewarding for my life as well as the many others I work with and serve. I’m glad God chose this path for me.

God sent a pair of PAWS into my life 14 years ago that caused me to quit chasing my tail and truly seek his will for my life. It literally stopped me in my tracks and made me start to focus on God and seek Gods Paws for my future. But these paws also healed me, my entire family, and continues to heal others.

Say YES to PAWS and PRAY–seek God’s will today –then you will receive the pay! 🙂

Maybe share a time in your life where you’ve done something similar. In our busy world of drive thru’s, microwave meals, and having to make on the spot decisions, often we are pressured into saying and doing things we would and should never take on.

By sharing our stories we encourage others by letting them see that they aren’t alone.

Thanks for joining me. May our paws together carry out the great commission so that others too can be healed. Lord, I thank you for the paws in my life that brought healing to me, please help us to take these paws to others as we seek your divine will.

Remember we can only come into the center of God’s will when we PAWS to pray and ask him to show us what he wants.