My Picture Perfect Life in Michigan

My new rescue dog Kota

My rescue dog Kota

There are three things I love in life: dogs, photography, and nature. My husband, John and I travel all over Michigan to do dog training and motivational speaking events. Most of the time we are in a hurry to get back home so he can get ready for work, and I don’t have time to even take even one photo of the beauty surrounding us. Oh how I long to be a part of the nature I see out the van window.

Hawk Eye

In the past four years I’ve lost my son, my father, my sister, and this year my mother. So I’ve began taking nature walks to help heal my heart. On these walks I take my new Nikon D7100 and my 55-300 lens and shoot away. The bokeh (background blur) on this lens is amazing!

BEST Fat Robin

I’ve photographed beautiful butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, geese, ducks, birds perched and in flight, as well as a rare blue heron fishing or a hawk up in the treetop.

Hawk or Eagle

But recently, we took a three day nature trip and visited three different cities in Michigan. Our first stop, Saginaw, the Shiawassee Wildlife Reserve also called the Shiawassee Flats. What a great place to view Eagles, Egrets, deer, muskrats, raccoons, birds, frogs, turtles, and so much more. They even have a 6.5 mile drive where you can get up close and personal with the wildlife, and they have many spots to stop and take photos. We even saw a deer swimming across the lake! It was so far away I didn’t get a good shot, but it was amazing to witness nature at its best.

Deer swimming 2


Cool Bird

Egret 4

Seagull Water Nice


Our next stop was Lansing. We went to Fenner Nature Center where we saw an entire deer family up close. There were three fawns.

Deer Family 2

Deer Family 3

We also went to Potters Park Zoo. There were so many amazing animals there. A peacock on the ground allowed me to get close enough that I could bend down and pet her if I wanted to. And the eagles, lioness, tigers, lemurs, and other animals were so photogenic that day.



Silly Lion 5

Monkey Best

Peacock nice

Lion 2

Falcon American Kestreel


camel nice

Binturong BEST 2

Bald Eagle Best 2


Our third and final stop was St. Joseph southwest of where we live on lake Michigan. It was there that we saw the most beautiful sunset.

Red Sunset Sailboat 6

Sunset Red BEST

Sunset Red Seagul 3

Sunset Red Seagulls 4

Sunset Romantic

This is my picture perfect life in Michigan and I wouldn’t change it for nothing!