The Truth About Cats and Dogs–5 Lies Pet Owners Buy


Don’t Buy The Lies:

1. Affordable food will work: Just because dog or cat food is affordable doesn’t mean it’s good and safe for your pet. And just because it’s the most expensive brand on the market doesn’t mean it’s the best, either. Dogs and cats have specific needs, cats need more protein, where dogs need a balance of protein and good carbohydrates. Watch for foods that have bone meats. Strive for foods that have eggs, fish, and good sources of protein like liver. Corn is often used for a filler. With these foods, pets often eat more, mess more, and gain more weight. Healthier foods are more filling, so you use less, there’s less mess, and your pet stays in shape.

2. Dry food cleans your pets teeth: Dogs and cats have more pointed teeth, so maybe the hard chomping cleans the tips of their teeth, but it’s really just a big myth. Raw meats and bones are the best way to promote dental health because they message the area of the tooth closest to the gum where tooth decay begins.

3. People food is a no-no for pets: Actually as long as you feed your pet good, cooked or raw meat, veggies, and fruits, it is very healthy for them to have table scraps. However, to avoid them gaining weight, when you give them people food, cut down on their pet food serving for that day. I also wouldn’t recommend feeding them from the table, as that will instill poor manners. And do avoid grapes, onions, raisins, and other foods that are toxic for dogs and animals.

4. Changing food is dangerous and should be done over time: Holistic veterinarians actually encourage changing your pets diet frequently to avoid allergies from building up. When pets are given highly healthy food, their system has the capacity to digest even raw foods quickly. The only time their system may be upset is if they are hyper allergic or have been feeding on one of these less healthy diets high in corn, grain, and filled with meat by products.

5. It is okay for dogs and cats to share the same food: Wrong! Although there are a limited amount of canned foods that meet the needs of both cats and dogs, most cat foods are strictly for cats and most dog foods are designed only for dogs. If left to eat cat food, dogs can become overweight and develop pancreatitis. Since cats need less carbohydrates than dogs, they too can also gain weight but become deficient in a necessary amino acids such as Taurine.

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What do you think is the best diet for your pet? What food or foods do you feed your dog or cat? Has your pet developed allergies?

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Lisa Freeman is an author, speaker, and AKC Evaluator, Dog Trainer, and Certified Pet Therapist, who has founded two non-profits. She specializes in rescuing and recovery of people and pets. She is the Healing Projects Specialist for the Bully Police USA and rehabilitates bullies (both people and dogs). Click here for more information


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Cats and Dogs–5 Lies Pet Owners Buy

  1. Actually, I beg to differ on some of the key points about feeding your pets. Both cats and dogs are carnivores and it is in fact, A MASSIVE MYTH that they are omnivores. Feeding just raw meat/bones/organ meat is enough to maintain a healthy diet for both cat/dog. Also, cooking the meat is completely unnecessary and I would advice never to give cooked bones to cats/dogs as these bones splinter badly and can cause horrible obstructions for your pets. And again, if feeding raw meat, it is absolutely okay to feed them the same thing.

    Of course, if people do not wish to feed raw, then I would recommend pet foods without corn/wheat/rice in it as it has no value to them at all. Veggies never hurt though.

    • THANK YOU GRETA 🙂 I stand corrected. Yes, dogs and cats eat meat in the wild. My original article was based on some other research I did, and I had forgotten that a raw meat diet is actually very healthy for both dogs and cats. And it’s very true that cooked bones are more brittle and can splinter and cause an obstruction, so again, yes, Greta is correct. Please check out her link above and have a blessed day with you special canine and feline friends 🙂

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