Learning Photography Through Paws

DSC_2733 cute pets puppy dogsIt’s funny, I can credit my pups, dogs, and furbabies with nearly every achievement in life.

They are so fun to watch and a lot of the reason I reach for my camera, even if it’s my i-phone to capture that special moment and share it with others. Several times a day, my new puppy, Angel Eyes, does something absolutely hilarious and photogenic that I just have to shoot her 🙂

DSC_2739 puppy pet portraits DSC_2736 perfect pet portraits DSC_2734 cute puppy pets

I’ve literally been learning the basics of photography through paws for years. Each dog training session, private or group classes, me and my family are blessed to get such amazing shots of these extraordinary animals and their owners. Now, I’ve taken my love for people, dogs, pets, and photography to a whole new level.

Seeing what great shots I took as an amateur, has led to really wanting to know the professional side of photography, so I can do these working angels and their owners justice. Being known as the dog whisperer in Owosso (my hometown) isn’t enough, I want to not only help others train and manage their dogs, but also to capture a memory that they can treasure for a lifetime.

Over the past few months I’ve been hired and had the privilege of doing family shoots, senior portraits, couples, engagements, weddings, babies, toddlers, children, and pregnant mothers. Many times I found that when I looked in my playback preview on my camera, the pictures looked great, but when I uploaded them into my computer I found them to be either blown out (too bright) or dingy looking (too dark).

Maternity Pregnancy Photography

Although I could take great pictures and could fix them in Photoshop, I was spending hours editing needlessly because I didn’t have the knowledge of the proper camera settings or where to look to see what my portraits were really looking like. At first, all that technical stuff made me crazy and I didn’t even know what aperture, ISO, shutter speed, histogram, white balance, metering was or how to set them. Thanks to many great fellow photographers who have written amazing books and published videos, I’m learning what every professional photographer needs to know.

Have I arrived yet? I wish. I think we can always learn more.

But I would love to share some of this knowledge with you in future blogs. So stay tuned. What has taken me hours, months, and years to learn, I would love to help you achieve in way less time than I had to. Then you too, can spend more time with your family and furbabies, capturing those special moments that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Lisa Freeman is a professional photographer from Owosso, Michigan who specializes in Maternity Portraits, Newborn Portraits, Family and Children Portraits, Senior Portraits, Pet Portraits, Wedding Portraits, Engagement Photos and more. When she is not photographing clients, she enjoys shooting birds with her 300mm lens. She is also an AKC Evaluator, dog trainer, and Certified Pet Therapist. For more information on photo shoots, click here. For more information on dog training or pet therapy, click here.


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