Paws for Healing will bring insight, motivation, inspiration, education, and inner healing to those who are struggling, hurting, or broken. Maybe you’ve been chasing your tail, spinning around in circles, not getting the answers or the life you had hoped for. Maybe you aren’t even certain of God’s plan for your life.

Lifetime Abuse Survivor and Award-Winning Author, Lisa Freeman, also struggled in these same areas. Aside from her life being on a downward, emotional spiral of rejections, let downs, and failures, she has suffered through childhood sexual abuse, bullying/being the bully, dating violence, rape, incest, and the loss of three family members.

Lisa Freeman has battled low-self esteem, panic, agoraphobia (two years she did not leave her house), PTSD, depression, suicidal thoughts, the untimely loss of a child, and just a year later loss of her father and sister. TODAY because she yielded to those PAWS fourteen years ago and listened to God, she is healed, as well as her entire family, and so many others. She has witnessed the power of God working through PAWS to perform miracle after miracle in her life. At the age of twenty-six she passed her GED, went onto college, graduated with a degree in Christian Ministry, and became an Award-Winning Author. She has three books published, hundreds of short stories and articles which have appeared in magazines and books, and she’s won numerous awards. Just this year she won the Medallion for the Dog Writer’s Association of America for her story “Healing Hearts”. Being the founder of two non-profit organizations God has helped her to raise over $20,000 for hurting, abused, and needy people and pets. This year she is heading up Paws 4 Healing Walk-A-Thon for Cancer and Abuse. She is also an AKC Evaulator, Dog Trainer, Award-Winning Certified Pet Therapist, and Service Dog Handler and Trainer.

None of this would have been possible without those PAWS.

“God brought these PAWS into my life, fourteen years ago, to heal me, my entire family and so many others. I didn’t want a dog. I didn’t think I needed to ask for God’s approval. A dog was not in my plan for my life. So, I tried everything to get rid of that dog. Unknowingly I was ultimately saying no to God’s, his will, his way, and his divine healing for my life.” -Lisa F.

God’s wants to set you free too. Paws to his will and way today.


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