Fun Family Photo Shoot

My first professional family photo shoot was this past weekend. I was really nervous because it was my first shoot, two parents, three kids, and I would be battling the midday sun. 

family photography


Still I set out with my camera, props, blankets, and reflectors just in case. And of course I brought along my amazing husband who helps me and supports me in everything I do. Yeah, even with the reflector, there were a few minor shadows.

Family Photography

Yeah, the kids didn’t all cooperate and smile at just the right times.

Children's Photography


Yeah, when we got out to the sunflower fields most of them had turned black.

teen photography teen portraits teen pictures


Yeah, at times it felt like I had failed as a photographer and didn’t get many good pictures.

BUT when I got home and began digging through the 300+ photos in photoshop 12, I found some amazing and fun photos I could use and give to this awesome family.

teen portraits teen portrait Family Portrait Engagement Photos Family Photography teen girl portraits family portraits Family Pictures Family PhotographyEngagement Photography Wedding Photography Husband and Wife Photography Couples Photography


The best part was that even though the kids acted up, the weather didn’t cooperate a hundred percent, and many things didn’t go as I had planned, I still had a blast and so did they. Lots of laughs, fun, and a memory that will last a lifetime.

Fun Family Photography Family Photography

Lisa Freeman is a family photographer, speaker, dog trainer, and minister who officiates weddings who assists families with various events all over Michigan. She loves to photograph everything from nature and dogs, to newborns and seniors, special events such as engagements and weddings, maternity photos, and even first birthday cake smashings. Her website, Positive Engagements has more detailed information and current specials available. Click Here for more information.





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