The Six P’s of Perfect Photography

Here are some recent baby portraits I took. I went on this photo shoot to practice with my niece. Professionals say to use a prime lens. I used my Nikon 18-70.

Baby Portrait Baby Photograph Baby Picture Baby Photo Shoot Baby Portrait Baby Laughing Best Curious

Are they perfect?

Is there really a perfect portrait or picture? Can a photographer actually get that perfect shot in every portrait shooting? What is required to get such a thing? And what makes on portrait or photographer stand out from another?

These are all great questions.

Just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is a picture or portrait. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Many great photographers such as Dorothea Lange who made history for her portrait of a migrant mother during the depression, Annie Liebovitz well known for her stunning portraits in the Rolling Stones Magazine, and even Jay Maisel who doesn’t get lost in costly equipment and backdrops–he keeps it simple, shoots with one lens and brings shapes and landscapes to life.

What Every Photographer Needs:

1. Passion– if you love what you shoot, others will too 

2. Purpose– What are you good at shooting? Baby portraits, family portraits, senior pictures. Or do you prefer landscape, still life, nature, animals, or wildlife?

When you find your purpose there you will also discover your passion.

3. Persistence–  By being persistent you will develop the skills to take clearer, crisper shots. If you stick with it long enough you will will achieve the purpose which makes the journey worth the effort.

4. Practice– I’ve taken good shots, I’ve taken bad shots, but I never gave up. Practice often, hone your sills. Practice leads to persistence.

5. Purchase– You don’t have to buy the best camera and lenses on the market to be a photographer. Jay Maisel has proven that. But you do need a decent camera and a basic prime lens to start. Then practice, practice, practice.

6. Prepare– Take hold of your future. Set realistic goals and work on accomplishing them. Don’t expect to get rich off photography. It can be a business if you treat it like a business. If you treat it like a hobby or something you want to do in the future, then it will become just that. When you’re ready to get serious about photography, then make that purchase.


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