7 Tips to Stop Your Dog From Bolting

Off Leash Advanced Dog Training in the Woods

Off Leash Advanced Dog Training in the Woods

All Puppies and Dogs Can Bolt

We rescued a Carolina Dog pup last November named Kota. He was a bolter. Any time the door would open, Kota would run out. Even worse, he’d leave the yard and sprint through the woods behind us.

Beware of the Chase Game

I learned a few things from Kota and his bolting. Carolina Dogs are fast. Any puppy and dog love to be chased, it becomes a fun game, and they will run even farther away if you run after them and are unable to catch them. The come command is useless when they are distracted by the zillion other things surrounding them: squirrels, rabbits, wood chucks, deer, etc.

Bolting Can Be Dangerous and Fatal

When we first rescued Kota, he caught onto the basic obedience commands inside the house, but it was a different story when he was outside. In the beginning, any time he was loose he ran out of the yard. I was frustrated and feared he would either get hit by a car or lost in the miles of woods behind our home.

Training and Play Go Hand in Hand

So, I began training him both indoors and out. I worked on staying whenever the door was open and not bolting out. Then I worked on teaching him the boundaries of our yard and staying within them. Even off leash, he stayed in the yard while playing fetch and doing advanced training. I even took him up in the woods off leash and let him romp while I shot pictures of birds, deer and other wild life. Kota stayed within a few feet of me at all times. I was pleased.

The Real Test

But the real test came last night when he was outside on the chain alone in our backyard and the chain broke. My husband called me on my cell. I was out of town at a dog training session. He rarely ever calls, so I thought the worse, either Kota ran away or got hit by a car. My heart sank.

My husband said, “No, actually he stayed in the yard and he’s still laying on the porch.”

OMG! How awesome! All that training and hard work has really paid off.


Kota nice

7 Tips To Stop Your Dog From Bolting

1. Teach your puppy or dog basic as well as advanced obedience skills inside and outside

2. Teach them yard boundaries by walking them around and playing with them

3. Correct them when they go out of bounds

4. Never Chase Your Puppy or Dog, rather have them follow you

5. Reward them for staying inside boundaries

6. If they do bolt, but then come back to you, always praise them for coming back

7. Get your dog micro chipped so if he does run away you can find him easier.



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