Dog’s Need to Play, Listen, and Obey

He has been taught to "Down and Stay" until I release him.

He has been taught to “Down and Stay” until I release him.

Took my dog, Kota, out this morning for a game of fetch. He lost his interest quickly. Don’t know if it was the wet ball or what, so I decided to sit on our new swing (was my mother and fathers who both recently passed away–I so love that swing–memories). I coaxed Kota up next to me and we cuddled.

A few minutes later a squirrel bounced across the lawn a few feet away. Kota’s ears perked and he got into that pouncing position. I gave him a stern “Leave It” and commanded, “Stay!” He obeyed me and relaxed. BUT he kept his eyes on that squirrel the entire time.

Then we had some visitors, our neighbors dogs came bolting over playing a game of chase with one another. Again he was ready to engage in play, but again I enforced the “Leave It” and “Stay” commands and he sat back without a whine or bark and obeyed

Just minutes later, a very friend pitbull from up the street walked into our yard, this time I gave Kota the okay to play. When her owner came to pick her up Kota did not want to leave it and stay, he wanted to go with them. Who could blame him?

He’s such a great dog!


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