Dog and Owners: Reunited and it Feels So Good!


The past two weekends did not go as I planned. Last Friday night we took in a Pit/Lab mix and kept her overnight until we could find her family. She was lost and had been dodging cars on a main highway.


Today my husband and I were returning from a shopping trip and saw a Husky running loose which nearly got hit by a truck. Of course we followed her and was able to get her leashed, into our van, brought her to our home and checked her out. She was well cared for, but had some minor injuries and was in heat.

After posting a pic of her on facebook we headed to the vet to check for a chip. No chip, so we brought her back home. When I checked my facebook there was already a message from one of my friends pointing me to the post by her owners. Yay! Two lost dogs in two weeks, found, rescued, and reunited with their owners! Nothing on earth gives me a greater feeling than helping others! Thank you to all you who partner with us and who donate into our non-profit. This allows us to buy leashes, food, and anything else these dogs may need who come to us. 

Please visit our website and see what we’re all about. 

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