What Would You Do?

Was trying out my new camera and new lens while Kota played with a soccer ball.

Was trying out my new camera and new lens while Kota played with a soccer ball.

I love that show WHAT WOULD YOU DO. I used to watch it every Friday night. They always featured some unexpecting citizen who was pulled into one of their crazy, hilarious pranks. Many times I laughed until my belly hurt. I often thought, “What would I do if I were ever in those kinds of situations?”


I found myself in one of these awkward situations just last week on a walk with my newest rescue, Kota. About a block from home where we usually allow our dogs to “potty” he snatched up something from the ground.

Of course, as a strict dog trainer and dog owner, I did not want him to eat anything outside, especially not knowing what it was, so I quickly yanked back on the leash and told him firmly to “drop it”! He knows this command well, and will even let go of his favorite toy. But he was clinging to whatever was in his mouth like a prized porterhouse.

I proceeded to unclasp his tightly closed jaw, and pried open his mouth. That’s when I saw a mammoth turd lodged on the roof of his mouth like peanut butter! UGH!

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? pull it out or let him eat it…

My first thought was I need to get that out of his mouth. So I continued holding his mouth open and proceeded to shake his head back and forth, hoping he’d drop it. That turd wasn’t budging.

There was only one thing I could do, because with all the diseases in feces, there was no way I was going to let him eat some other animals poop. But I had nothing with me, not even a poo bag. So, putting my gag reflex to the ultimate test, I reached my hand into his mouth and poked at the turd. It still wouldn’t budge.

Now nearly barfing, I continued poking, prodding and scraping, until finally the turd fell out. But then my long beautiful fingernails were embedded in dog doo-doo. I cringed as I thought of my options. I could go all the way back home and wash or I could wipe them off in the grass the best I could.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? go home or go for a walk…

Being the city girl who has always loved country life, I toughed it out, wiped my fingers off in the grass the best I could, and took my dogs for a walk.

When I got home an hour later I shared the story with my husband, John. He nearly fell off the couch laughing. That was of course, after I washed my hands with hot soapy water for like ten minutes straight.

After sharing my gross, hilarious encounter on facebook, other dog owners began to talk about how their dogs are eating poop too. The discussion continued and became one of my most commented on post. People wanted to know how to break their dogs from eating their own poop too. So, I thought that would make an interesting blog topic for next week.

But feel free to contact me via my website if you have a crazy or funny pet story. I’d love to hear from you. And I might even share your awesome experience in one of my upcoming blogs.

Have an awesome week everyone. Thanks for reading.


Lisa Freeman blogs, writes, takes photos, and trains dogs from her home in Michigan, where she resides with her husband, two grown sons, and three dogs. She is also an inspiring Motivational Speaker and Anti-Bullying Survivor and Activist for both people and pets. Her work with bully dogs and people has taken her all over Michigan and other parts of the USA. She specializes in rescue and recovery. Read More or sign up for her FREE monthly newsletter and get more FREE training tips.



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