Choosing the Right Collar for Your Dog

Myths About Prong Collars for Dogs

As a dog trainer and dog owner who works with disobedient and aggressive dogs all over Michigan, I am constantly using a variety of collars and training devices to get dogs behavior under control. Just like every child is different, this is true about dogs. That is why there isn’t just one magical collar, and you may need to go through trial and error to find which collar will work the best for you and your dog.

Prong Collar Myths

Although I use a variety of collars in my line of work, the prong collar is my favorite training collar for dogs that are hyper, out of control, or pull hard on the leash. These collars have been given a bad name by those who don’t understand them and by those who have misused them. If used properly these will not harm your dog, but rather will calm your dog down quickly so you can begin reinforcing obedience and training methods.

The picture above shows two dogs wearing prong collars, however the owner wasn’t sure how tight they needed to be, so I pointed out that these collars are more like prong necklaces and way too loose. Please click on the link below to watch the video for more details on prong collars and other dog collars.

Buckle Collars

These are great every day collars for puppies and dogs, but not good for training a puppy or dog.

Choke Collars

This is probably one of the most used training collars, but these tend to choke puppies and dogs into obedience, that is why I prefer the prong collar.

Gentle Leaders

I’ve just begun working with these training devices. These are supposed to work for aggressive pullers, as well as barkers and jumpers.


I’ve also just begun using this correction collar. I use it on walks for one of my more trained dogs, who I used to walk on a prong collar.


There are a variety of harnesses out there. The only one that will work to stop pulling and is for training is called a No Pull Harness.

Shock Collar

Although some have used E or Shock Collars in training, I have not used these in my training and I worked with aggressive dogs all over Michigan.

For more information on choosing the right collar for your dog, watch my video on dog collars and training collars here.

Lisa Freeman is Top Dog Trainer in Michigan who specializes in obedience, aggression, behavior modification, pet therapy, service dog training, and agility. She is also a public speaker as well as the Healing Projects Specialist for the Bully Police USA and offers Anti-Bullying presentations in schools, churches, and communities. For more information please visit her dog training website or anti-bullying website.

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