Do You Believe the PIT BULL?



As a top dog trainer traveling all over Michigan, I work with a lot of pit bulls and their owners. Yes, some are mean, have fear aggression, territorial aggression, are aggressive to other dogs or people and some even have a problem with food aggression. Mostly these are rescue dogs or dogs that have not been properly socialized.


But aggression can be present in any breed. The most dangerous dogs I’ve worked with, quite honestly are not pit bulls, they are German Shepherds. Why do you think Police use these dogs in their K-9 Units? They are intelligent, but they are also extremely aggressive. Small breed dogs have been known to be very aggressive as well and attack children. Yet Pit Bulls are the ones that are forbidden or outlawed in many cities and states. What we really need to be addressing and prosecuting are those who mistreat pit bulls and other animals.


This precious blue pit in the picture above is an awesome puppy I’ve had the pleasure to work with in private dog training sessions. He was a jumper (on people and on furniture) and didn’t like to go up or down stairs. In two sessions his jumping was much better and he was going up and down stairs with no problem, as well as had mastered all basic obedience skills–even some advanced commands. Putting a label on any dog or pup is just plain wrong. Enough of the pit bull.


Bottom line, all dogs are considered wild animals and can attack and even kill if not properly trained to behave. But in order to train a dog, we must understand the dog and not undermine their intelligence. Like humans, dogs need a mix of love, affection, discipline, and praise. Any pup or dog left untrained can be a danger to themselves and others. Not sure where to begin with your puppy or dog, I’d love to help.


All the dogs I work with have several things in common, their owners love them, want what’s best for them, want to break their bad habits/behaviors, and make them a more obedient pup and dog so they can enjoy their companionship more. We provide in home training services to dog owners so they don’t have to get rid of their dogs or put them down. My goal every time I work with a client is to bring help, healing, and peace to that situation as quickly as possibly. In the very first training session I sit down, evaluate the situation, and show the owner everything they need to do to change the behavior.

Some dogs and owners need a few private training sessions to get them where they need to be. If you need a dog trainer, I would love to work with you and your dog.


Lisa Freeman AKA the Dog Lady, is an AKC Evaluator, Top Dog Trainer, and Certified Pet Therapist from the Flint and Lansing area. She travels all over Michigan to provide in home training. She specializes in obedience, pet therapy, service dog training, behavior modification, rescue, and recovery. For more information click here.





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