Doggy Manners: Can Your Dog Do This?

This is our 2 yr. old Teacup Yorkie Lover, who has been taught to wipe his feet at the door. I took this video as well as the one where my dogs eat well together to demonstrate Good Manners in dogs. As a dog trainer specializing in behavior modification, I get calls every day about dog owners with puppies and dogs that (jump, bolt, bite, won’t listen, etc) and just plain out need to be taught better manners.

Please check out my blog this week: 10 Tips for Good Manners in Dogs

Lisa Freeman is an AKC Evaluator, Dog Trainer, and Certified Pet Therapist. After rescuing an abused runaway dog over fourteen years ago, he taught her everything she knows about obedience, behavior modification, and a mutual love, bond, and respect between dogs and their owners. Lisa offers both group and private dog training. For more information log onto:


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