Aggressive Puppies and Dogs — Do You have one?

This is a video of our newest rescue puppy, Kota, a 9 month old Carolina Dog and an 8 week old AKC Boxer puppy. When we first rescued Kota 3 months ago, he had serious aggression and poor social skills. Take a look at him now as this psycho pup attacks him. He is gentle, submissive, and wonderful! I’m so proud of how far he has come. Proof that aggressive behavior can be broken with the proper training!

Tune in next week for tips on how to know if your pup is aggressive and how to break aggression.

Lisa Freeman is an AKC Evaluator, Dog Trainer, and Certified Pet Therapist from Owosso, Michigan, who has won numerous awards. She specializes in rescue, obedience, pet therapy, service dog training, agility, and behavior modification. She works with anxious dogs as well as bully dogs that otherwise would be put down and the results have been amazing.

For more information on Lisa Freeman, dog training, pet therapy, or rescue dogs please view her website @

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