How to Break Food Aggression in Dogs

We have 3 dogs of our own, one of which is a rescue pup who was very aggressive when we adopted him in November 2013. With some retraining, not only do our dogs get along well, but they share toys and are even courteous with food.

If you are struggling with aggressive behavior with food or toys, you will want to come back next week for tips on breaking those unwanted behaviors so you too can have peace in your home.

*Lisa Freeman is an Award-Winning Author, Speaker, AKC Evaluator, Dog Trainer and Certified Pet Therapist. She specializes in obedience, service dog work, pet therapy, and behavior modification. She has worked and tamed some of the most aggressive dogs or those with unwanted behaviors. A lifelong abuse survivor herself who was rescued by a runaway, abused dog she rescued, she now works with her community to train and finds homes for abandoned and abused dogs. Read More

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