7 Ways to Get The Best Morcels for Your Money


As a dog trainer, a non-profit rescue, and an owner of three dogs, I am always looking for the cheapest way to do things. However, I’ve found that in dog food, cheaper might seem like a good solution for the pocketbook, but it’s not always the best decision for the dog’s health. The news has been a blatant reminder of this. Many dogs have become severely ill or have even passed away because of eating the wrong food.

Even if your dog isn’t seriously ill, they can develop allergies, like their human masters, because of the additives and preservatives in certain dog foods. And just as many of the foods we buy in the store for us are genetically modified (GMO), so are they for our canine friends. We need to be reading labels.

In the wild, dogs did not live on grains such as corn and wheat, which can cause allergies and digestion problems. Dogs are considered carnivores, meat eaters, so they ate meat–other animals. However, they also can be herbivores, plant eaters. So thus we’ve concluded that dogs can be classified as omnivores, eaters of both meat and plants. Over the years we’ve learned that dogs can live on just about anything from table scraps to plants and wild life. 

We went from Purina’s Puppy and Dog Chow to having hundreds of brand name dog foods on the market. Most of which have added harmful, useless waste counterparts that make dogs sick. So which is the best food for you and your dog? Here are a few tips when looking for the Best Morcels for Your Money…

“7 Ways to Get The Best Morcels for Your Money”

Choose a Dog Food:

  1. Higher in meat-based protein
  2. Higher in natural fats 
  3. Lower in carbs
  4. Created from a named (non-generic) animal source
  5. Without animal or vegetable by-products
  6. Without artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives
  7. With all essential vitamins and minerals

Here is a list of the best grain free dry dog foods

Here is a list of the best grain free wet dog foods 

“Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4 (NIV)

Please read my article on “9 Worst GMO Foods” regarding the human diet and what garbage the retail stores are trying to sell you.

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