Leash Cutting for Tighter Leash Laws!

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day in Owosso, Michigan

It wasn’t the typical ribbon cutting ceremony when the community gathered together in a grassy field on the south east corner of Owosso, Michigan on Saturday, September 28, 2013.


Madison Godley, 14, and Mayor, Benjamin Frederick, worked together, cutting a red leash to symbolize the recent tragedy of a pup shedding her innocent blood in the city of Owosso. When Madison’s puppy, Bella was brutally attacked and killed by two other dogs, who were unleashed just a block from her home, the owners were merely ticketed and told to keep their dog on a leash for ten days. Madison is hoping now for a brighter future for this community, dogs, and their owners.


“I don’t want others to go through what I did with Bella,” she explained, nearly in tears. “Bella wasn’t just my dog. She was my best friend.”


Mayor Ben Frederick gave a special speech of apology to Madison and her family on behalf of the entire City Council. “Please accept our sincerest condolences,” he said. “I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. But I commend you for being a responsible pet owner and doing what you did with Bella.” He emphasized that the owners of the other two dogs were being pursued for prosecution on at least two accounts and assured the community that this issue was being taken seriously. “We are doing everything we can so things like this won’t happen again. One of our council members was even attacked by a dog recently, so we’re aware of the problem.” He suggested that we, as a community, work together by helping one another when a dog is loose or someone is in danger to intervene and “gently correct” when possible so this does not happen and so we can raise more awareness about the leash law.


The leash law in Owosso states that all dogs must be leashed unless they are on the owner’s property or in a dog park.


“The problem with that,” says Lisa Freeman, an AKC Dog Trainer, who put on the event, “is dogs are actually more possessive, aggressive and more territorial on their own property. If the dog is just let to run free and isn’t properly trained or restrained these unnecessary tragedies will keep occurring.”


Many dog owners in the community came out to support the family and event. The grand finale was a big balloon launch in the sky. For more information log onto www.DogsPawsForHealing.com , email lisafree@dogspawsforhealing.com


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