Teens Loving Puppy dies in Vicious Attack


In Loving Memory of our Precious Bella. You will be forever missed. A community is saddened by this devastating tragedy. Three young sisters lives changed forever. Terrified to walk in their own neighborhood for fear that these same two dogs will attack them.

Here’s the press release I’ve written to local media after hearing of this unnecessary tragedy:

Dog Event Will Be Held In Memory of Local Pup and Family

Yesterday 13 year old Madison Godley and her two younger sisters, from Owosso, witnessed something no child or person should ever have to endure. While walking her six month old Shitzu, Bella, home from picking up her sisters from school, Madison’s puppy was brutally attacked by two larger dogs and killed.

Madison is a responsible dog owner. Bella was a sensational puppy, who had already gotten her AKC Star Puppy Award, was a natural at Pet Therapy, and was working toward her AKC Canine Good Citizen Award.

“I’m devastated,” Lisa Freeman, CEO of Abuse Bites said. “This is like losing a child. I can’t even imagine the pain Madison is feeling. And I cannot believe that the owner of these two dogs only received a ticket and was told to leash their dogs for ten days. If they attacked once, they’ll do it again. Next time it could be a child.”

Yesterday also marked the date that the community was invited to participate in an important event that is held across the nation in September. “The AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days are held so that dog owners can get their hands on free information to train their dogs properly and safely so that these tragedies don’t happen,” says Freeman, an AKC Evaluator and Dog Trainer, who volunteered to head up the event. “Sadly, the only people that showed up were those that had enrolled their dogs in our fall classes.”

So a new date for the Responsible Dog Ownership Days is being set, in memory of Bella, for Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 6-7 p.m. at the Hugh Parker Soccer Complex in Owosso (in the grass closest to the parking area). The event is FREE, open to the public, and there will be door prizes.

“A trained dog is a safe dog,” Freeman said. “So, please dog owners, I’m urging you to come out and support Bella’s family and this important event. Let’s put a stop to the abuse in our community by being more educated and informed on how to train our dogs so they aren’t aggressive to others. Together we can stop abuse and bring healing and help to all.”

Anyone who would like to participate, donate a door prize, or help sponsor the event is asked to log onto www.DogsPawsForHealing.com, www.AbuseBites.com, email @ lisafree@DogsPawsForHealing.com or call 989-729-2124.

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