“Tug O War Fun” Big Rescue Dog Vs. Teacup Yorkie

Precious was only 8 months old, was living on the streets, and had been terribly abused. When I heard about her, I took her into my home right away. That was in May 2013. I was a little fearful at first, being I had three small dogs, but as you can see from this video (taken just one week after she moved in) things are going wonderful!

I started rescuing both people and pets 14 years ago, after an abused, runaway dog that I didn’t want, came into my house and worked his way into my heart! That dog changed my life, healed me, my entire family, and so many others.

I know for a fact that rescues are the best dogs in the world. They just want to have a place to call home and be loved. I guarantee they will bring you entertainment, laughter, and joy unspeakable, not to mention companionship, loyalty and love!

Please rescue and adopt today–change the world–by saving a life!

by Lisa Freeman

Author, Speaker, Trainer


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