Blessed By Our Four Legged Friends


Yesterday we were blessed to have help at Walmart by many of our two-legged and four-legged friends. Tara Albring and Otis (above) have volunteered at each of our events all summer long. They are real troopers. Many times they stay for four hours or more. They are a great team and we are blessed to have them. Thank you Tara and Otis, because of your dedication and support (as well as those who contribute to this cause) we can keep our training fees to a minimum and also travel abroad to rescue people and dogs from abusive situations and set families free!

We know that God uses both our two-legged and four-legged paws each day to bring healing and hope to others!

Lisa Freeman is the CEO of Abuse Bites, Paws for Healing, and A Time to Heal. She’s also a Lifelong Abuse Survivor, Award-Winning Author, Motivational Speaker, and Dog Trainer from Owosso, Michigan. For more information on school assemblies, community seminars, anti-bullying rally’s, trick presentations, dog training sessions, dog training tips, or rescues and free resources, please log onto her websites @ and We will be having new contests coming soon. So please keep checking back regularly!

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