Dogs Helping Others


This weekend we are once again out at Walmart in Owosso to raise funds for the Abuse Bites/Dogs Paws for Healing Program. The dogs are a great help in this cause and draw a lot of attention. So thankful for these paws. Together we have a lot of fun with our friends like Joy Mc Phearson and her Shitzu, Ike, who will be helping us today and tomorrow.

The dogs love to go as much as we do and see all the people. And thankfully the weather is once again co-operating 🙂

Hope to see you local yocals out there–but even if you are a distant friend and supporter of our cause to rescue both people and pets from abuse, bullying and violence, please feel free to log on our website for more details of how you can help us help others!

Thanks! God bless! Have a great day with your canine friend! More training tips and inspirational stories coming soon! So stay tuned.

-Lisa Freeman is an AKC Evaluator, Dog Trainer, and Certified Pet Therapist who lives in Owosso, Michigan with four dogs, two of which are rescues, and both being used for pet therapy and service dog work. She is also CEO of Abuse Bites and Dog’s Paws for Healing, an Award-Winning Author of the book “Run for Your Life”, and a motivational speaker. For more information log onto her websites: or

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