Paws for Leadership and Business: Sell Yourself and Your Products Online

Today I’m on my way to a leadership conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. All four of our dogs will be staying home. My hubby, John, will be by my side this weekend taking on the role as service dog. Poor guy!

Last night I attended this great Google Training session and met this amazing guy who does SEO for a living. I learned some great tips about website optimizing, adwords, keywords, and so much more. This gentlemen and I may be collaborating in the future. I love web design and can build a decent site in just about a week. He loves to do the web optimization. Using our talents together we can give clients what every business needs today: a great looking website with interesting content and the search engine optimization that will draw their intended audience and prospective buyers to them. I’m excited about the potential partnership.

One way to help get your business noticed is to add it to Google. The best part is it’s absolutely free and they have some amazing free tools available to assist you. You will need to first get a G-Mail Account and then you add a Google + Page.

Also been very busy with dog training here in our little old town of Owosso, Michigan. I’ve been getting new clients each week. Thumtack has been a great tool to launch my dog training business and speaking career. You should check it out. It’s absolutely free to sign up and get started. Here’s the link

I’ve recently launched my brand new website through Doodlekit They offer some great FREE site options such as hosting, awesome template designs, blog, social media tools, photogallery, and so much more! The best part is that anyone can build a professional looking website with their easy web building tools. I built my site in just five days @ I love their tech support too. If you run into an issue as your building your site you can chat with a representative online 24/7. They have several website plans available too, from the simple and business plan to the more advanced plan option so you can have unlimited space, unlimited users, a forum, all your SEO tools for great site optimization, and so much more.  Doodlekit is a great way to set up a business online!

I’m learning so much and loving it. And as I learn, I will be passing that wisdom and knowledge onto you. So, sign up to follow my blog for new tips on how you can get your paws going in the right direction to save cash and make money.

Paws for Insight: “Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding;” Proverbs 3:13 (NIV) – See more at:

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