Paws for Exercise: Break Aggressive Behaviors

My dogs are in the house a good deal of the time. Like me, I’m sure they feel cooped up sometimes. Especially lately since I’ve been really busy with the walk-a-thon, the numerous dog training sessions, group pet therapy visits, and the book proposal I’m working on. Still, I know they need exercise as much as I do!Image

(Pictured above waving: Angela Shivley, founder and owner of Angel Rehabilitation Kennel, pictured above at the kick off for our Paws for Healing Walk-a-thon for Abuse and Cancer)

Angela knows exercise can do so much for her paws, as well as her dogs paws. Angela trains up service dogs for vets. Exercising them is part of the ongoing vigorous training. Recently one of her dogs went through my advance obedience and pet therapy classes and passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test on the final day. Her dog did phenomenal!

As a dog trainer, people come to me quite often with hyper dogs, aggressive dogs, and dogs that just won’t mind. If left untrained, these dogs will be a danger to themselves and society. That’s why I have such a love and passion for what I do with these dogs and their people.

Exercising dogs is one of the key elements in behavior modification.

An exercised dog is typically a happier, healthier, and more lovable dog.

This doesn’t mean because you let them out in a fenced area that they are going to get enough exercise. Barking at the neighbor’s cat or growling at a squirrel isn’t the type of exercise a dog should have. That’s where most of the aggressive behaviors actually breed, when a dog is isolated, enclosed or held back. Dog’s need to get out, exercise, and socialize, just like we do! Or they can develop anti-social behaviors which can be critical or even fatal.

So Paws Today for Some Exercise:

-Take your dog for a walk down a nice shaded, wooded trail/ Get fit yourself!

-Throw a ball or toy and play fetch / Great arm work out for you!

-Engage your dog in a game of tug o war / Major arm work out and whole body work out if you play with our new rescue, Precious!

-Unleash your dog at a safe local bark park where they can play with friends / Awesome social workout–meet some new doggy people! 

-Go to a lake or pond and take your dog for a swim / Amazing whole body workout and a bath too!

The more your dog gets out of the house for some fun-filled exercise the better they will become! It’s the same with me–if I get out for a nice walk or am able to workout for a while, I feel better, more relaxed and at peace.

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