Paws for Play Time

We can learn so much from our children and our dogs. They often have a more balanced life than we do as adults. We are all about our work and getting things done.

Lisa Freeman is an AKC Evaluator, Dog Trainer, and Certified Pet Therapist from Owosso, Michigan

Cammy is a hyper fun loving pup that attended our spring AKC Star Puppy Class.

Kids and dogs take time to stop, look, and listen. They enjoy their lives. I’ve loved to watch my kids being silly and having fun. And I love to watch my dogs playing tug o war, fetching a ball, or running with other dogs. They’re so happy and carefree. My new rescue dog likes to play chase. That’s her favorite game.

Gaming is a huge industry today, on our TV’s, computers, and even our phones. People have a great need to play. Yet many of us struggle to find that balance to satisfy that need.

Kids and dogs actually learn through interactive play sessions. As adults we tend to think more seriously and steer away from that way of learning. However, I think we can still have a great time while educating others, whether we’re adults, teens, or kids. That’s why in our dog training classes as well as our anti-bullying workshops in schools and for community events we use hilarious games and interactive activities to empower others.

If people have a good time, they’ll remember that for a lifetime as well as the principals that have been taught.

Make life fun, educational, and real.

Stop working so hard, take a break, and get the play time you need. It’s okay to have fun. Enjoy your life; if you don’t, who will?

And if you want to have a good time at your next event, why not give us a call, we’d love to be a part of it! We love to connect, educate, entertain, and empower you and others to come up a little higher and be happier and more successful!

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