Paws for Training: Get Your Dog to Come Every Time

We all want our dogs to come running to us when we call them. But sadly, this isn’t the case. As a dog trainer I get more calls and emails about issues with pups and full grown older dogs that bolt and will not come when their owners call.

Ike a Shitzu Pup "Coming" to his owner

Ike a Shitzu Pup “Coming” to his owner

Ike was a rescue who learned “come” as well as “sit” in his first training session.

“COME” is probably one of the most important commands, because if you’re dog won’t come to you on command, it can run into the path of danger. I know this personally. One of my rescue dogs, Baby, got hit by a car because she ran away from me instead of to me. Thankfully she wasn’t injured seriously. She taught me a valuable lesson as a dog owner that day for sure.

I’ve learned so much from my dogs.

I’ve learned to:

  • Reward my dogs every time they come to me when I call them.
  • Give them something good: treats or affection every time they come when called.
  • Initiate a play or fun session with them so they look forward to coming when I call them.
  • Take them on a walk or for a ride in the car!
  • NEVER to scold, discipline, or do something negative that they wouldn’t like such as (bed/crate, bath, etc) when I call them to come.

We want to be rewarded when we come too. At work we get rewarded with a paycheck. We want to please our boss so they will appreciate us and give us a promotion.

All a dog wants is you, your love, your affection, some play time, exercise time, and a few treats along the way. If you love your dog, then follow these few principles, and they’ll come running to you every time!

“Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 NIV

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