Paws for Help

When my dogs need help, they come running to me. And my kids, when they were little, they used to do the same thing. But, as we grow, we humans tend to think we can do it all on our own. Too many times, we wait until we fall flat on our faces to get the help we need.

We like to be strong, independent individuals, so we can say “I did it–aren’t you proud of me?”.

Although we each have awesome talents; we also have areas of huge weaknesses. I’ll be the first to admit one of mine. I’m obsessive compulsive. I take on too many tasks, overwhelm myself (and probably my family at times), and then I’m met facing these unrealistic expectations.

You guessed it–I’m a yes person. Type A personality. Rarely ever say no. That’s not always a good thing, believe me!

Bottom line. I need help. I can’t do this alone. 

I’m writing a proposal for my newest book and I need help choosing a few creative titles. I have to submit three chapters. So I’m hoping you will help me. Here goes:

Chapter One is about Snickers, the abused, runaway dog that runs under my van. I don’t want a dog. I try everything to get rid of him, but he keeps coming back. Finally, I tell my four children, all with varying disabilities, he can stay. Then, the very next day, his real owner calls to claim him. Now I have to tell my four kids we can’t keep him.

Chapter Two is about Snicker’s owner coming over, he cowers with my children, and she hands us his shot record and tells us we can keep him. She shows us this nasty scar going up her arm where she claims he bit her. He had not so much as growled at any of my hyperactive ADHD children since he’d been with us. Not only that, we discover Snickers ability to heal when our one of our son’s goes through a heart surgery that leaves him struggling for his next breath.

Chapter Three is about how our son is in the hospital, very critical and after having three separate surgeries, doctors tell us he may not make it. But after watching a home video with Snickers, our son starts getting better. On the flip side, bills are piling up, my husband’s factory just closed it’s doors, and the van repair $1,000.  We commit everything to prayer and God, head for home, and find Snickers waiting by the door for us, but we also discover that miraculously our bills have all been paid and we have money to spare!

I love to help, but I’m also willing to humble myself and tell you that I love it when I have help! God wants us to help others, but he also said that we are the body, and we need one another. So, I hope you are just as blessed as I am whether you are helping others or seeking help for yourselves. Have a great day! And be sure to post your titles 🙂 I can’t wait to read them!

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