Paws for Fathers and the Fatherless

Growing up, I was Daddy’s Little Girl. My nickname: Stinky. It never bothered me because I knew how much he loved me.

He loved me so much that he GAVE! He was a good Father that worked his tail off for his family. We always had food, good food that we liked to eat, clothes, nice clothes that were in style, and even some of the extras like a cottage up north and weekly horseback riding and roller skating lessons.

Even when I rebelled as a teen and ran away from home at 13, my Daddy still loved me and GAVE!

It’s the same way with God. We rebel often times and run away from his direction and his plan for our lives, yet he still GIVES!

He gave us the biggest gift a Father ever could–the priceless gift of his own child. A child without spot or blemish. A child who had to lose his life so we could have ours.

I’ve lost a son. I’ve lost a Father. Did I willingly give them up for others so they could be free? NEVER!  Would my Daddy have ever parted with one of his kids? NEVER! Not even us rebellious ones. Why? Because a Father’s love for a child is so great that nothing can compare.

Yet our Father God Gave It ALL! He GAVE his only begotten son, to die upon a sinner’s cross, so that ANYONE who called upon the name of Jesus would be saved.

And through his precious son, Jesus, he continues to give us: healing, direction, forgiveness, salvation, love, mercy, self-control, miracles, finances, food, clothes, jobs, homes, family, friends, and the power to live our lives abundantly. Wow! I’m in awe!

My naturally born Father Gave me everything he had too. Thankfully I turned my life around, repented and lived a life he could be proud of. Now I minister to troubled youth, teen, and adults and share my story abroad. But I’ve also been blessed to build a brand new house next door to my Father. As he aged and became ill, I began training up therapy animals that in turn brought him much love, comfort, healing, and joy in his last few years.

However, I know that none of this would have ever been possible, if I hadn’t given my life to Jesus and paused to seek God the Father’s will for my life.

Today, maybe you are missing your father. I’ve got good news; God is even a Father to the Fatherless! He is a loving, giving Father that will never leave you nor forsake you. My heart goes out to all those who have lost their fathers, but even more to those who are lost and still in need of the Greatest Father of All–God!

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