Paws for Obedience: Practice Makes Perfect

It seems people are always coming to me with behavioral problems with their dogs. Their dog won’t come, sit, down, it bolts out the door, or it’s become terribly aggressive. Over the past few years I’ve worked with owners and dogs of various breeds and sizes. They are all different, yet the modification needed in most cases is typically the same.

These dogs and handlers need obedience training and firm discipline to achieve their goals.

We, as humans, need this as well to stay rooted and grounded in the Lord and have a successful, prosperous life.

Some dogs and their owners will practice all the methods I teach and will have wonderful results. Others will not even apply the methods and never get any better.

It’s the same with us.

Obedience takes practice. Discipline even more. They say practice makes perfect; and although I haven’t arrived yet at perfection, I’m practicing the methods God teaches in His Word knowing one day I will stand before the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s and I would love to hear him say: “A job well done, my good and faithful servant!”

Are you struggling with obedience and discipline issues?  God’s there to help you right where you are. He knows what you need. Reach out to him, tell him your struggles and problems. He’ll set you free.

If you’re in need of prayer, a dog trainer, speaker, or writer, I’m here for you. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great and prosperous future!

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